The New Yorker Cover
This project required me to create a vector image cover for the magazine “The New
Yorker.” I decided that I wanted the theme of the cover to be focused on contrasting poverty and wealth in New York City. During my research, I observed that most of the successful covers for the magazine had great use of color which was either used to convey something specific or just to look appealing. I also observed that most of the successful covers were designed around commenting on the current events of the country or the city. For this reason, I based my cover around the clash between social classes in New York; the gentrification that changes poor neighborhoods into well-off neighborhoods while replacing the residents (which is evident in the brownstones), and the difference between the appeal of the projects vs the wealthier neighborhood. I used the color grey and a putrid shade of yellow a lot on the right side of the image to convey the bleak feeling of living in poverty as well as to imitate the scenery. As a New Yorker, I was able to model the right side of the image after the projects that I used to live in. The colors definitely match the area it is modeled after. On the other hand, I filled the brownstone with more color to present a more appealing side. I also put two men standing across from each other in the image, one in a suit looking judgmental and the other in regular clothes you might see someone wearing in Harlem. Everything in the image is vector except for the text since I was given a png to use and did not have the traditional font on my computer.

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