Benny Productions
Composite Images
My first composite images were created using Adobe Photoshop. I took my inspiration from media that I used to consume as a young child. Everything was able to fit into the picture without looking out of place by using proper selection tools, finding good photos to composite, and making sure to tweak the balance of color and lighting in the pictures. I made sure to add shadow to the images to make sure the lighting on each object/ingredient in the composition followed the same pattern. My favorite piece to put together was my first composition. It had Arnold Schwarzenegger holding the Nesquik bunny by the ears while standing next to a box of Nesquik mix. I made the artwork look like an ad that one would see on TV or on the front of a cereal box. Some of the images were grainy so I put a filter on all of them to make them feel within the same universe. Some things that I plan to add are more lighting effects to make the objects feel even more cohesive. The rest of the composite images were also created with cohesiveness in mind and utilized layering, using scaling for perspective, and blending.
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